Scintillating, Illuminating, phantasmagorical—just some hot words I googled to pull you in. ADVERTISING. Hitting the stage harder than a dropped mic, Blackout is back from their COVID-(hi)ATUS with a one-off show featuring some of the Edmonton’s best faces in sketch comedy and improv. Yeah, you read that right. We’re all about faces. 

Formed in 2014 and inspired by the writing styles of Key & Peele and Auntie Donna (if you don’t know em, you ain’t living btw), the rotating cast of Blackout continually pushes their comedy to new levels which never fails to slap a smile on a crying baby. Just kidding, don’t bring babies to our show. Blackout has written for one or two satirical shorts you may have seen this year (winky smiley face) and have had the joy of bringing in the laughs across North America…digitally. Yeah, we’re talking Ontario, baby!



Show Squares - Grindstone Comedy Festiva