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From the writers of Jason Kenney's Hot Boy Summer, (Thunder)CATS is an original musical satire of Broadways "most loved" feline musical, with less plot, tighter leotards and one throbbing mystical sword! The plot? The Thunderians, fleeing the destruction of their home planet, have landed on planet Thundera and await the ghost of their fallen leader Jaga The Wise to find out which ThunderCAT character will return to the ThunderCAT Lair. Through obscene hip thrusting and way too much dancing, they learn what it really means to be a Thunder CAT. With a stacked cast of Edmonton’s professional actors, singers and dancers, (Thunder)CATS is a hit musical that will slap you across the face with comedy. - You can’t unsee this show.

“I blacked out from laughter. 6 sticks out of 6!"

- High Praise Fringe Reviews

"A must see"

- Daze Magazine


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