Sorry, Not Sorry Productions is an Edmonton-based, not-for-profit theatre company that strives to cook up entertaining, emotionally engaging, and culturally relevant improv comedy with a heaping spoonful of nerdy goodness.


The Show: Entertain Me, Senpai! An Anime Improv Typhoon Nani?! An anime improv show featuring Edmonton’s best friends combining their powers to create the ultimate in doki-doki magic laughter?! Join the top-tier weebs of Sorry, Not Sorry Productions as they weave an epic story where you choose the anime genre: from sports anime to mecha and everything in between, they’ll create it on stage for your entertainment! Please notice them, Edmonton-senpai!

Cast: Glenna Schowalter, Matt Ness, Shanni Pinkerton, Michael Vetsch



Show Squares - Grindstone Comedy Festival 2021-04.jpg