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Nikki Payne is not good at writing in third person. However, for this bio she is willing to try. You might remember her from Much Music’s “Video on Trial” or NBC’s “Last Comic Standing” before she ran into the wilds of New Brunswick to live with the woodland critters. After being bitten multiple times and covered in ticks she has re-emerged. Her love of comedy could not be suppressed but mostly, her bathroom needs a reno. Payne’s material is filled with piss, vinegar and bad words. Since you can’t swing a dead cat without hitting someone’s podcast, check out “RX with Nikki and Mandy” wherever podcasts are hatched. This Holiday season you can also look out for her new Christmas album wherever comedy albums are hatched. Currently, you can find Nikki Payne at Mount Allison University pursuing a Bachelor of Fine Arts at a snails pace.



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